Banqsoft - equipment leasing
Banqsoft - equipment leasing

Equipment Finance

Equipment Financing is all about efficient handling of the objects!

The View21 platform handles multiple objects in the contract with replacement of single components at any time during the lifespan of the financed period. Differentiated financial terms may apply within the same contract.

In View21 we use objects to describe the physical object and assets for the accounting. It allows you to have a market price on the object and a different price for accounting purposes, reflecting rebates etc. It also enables you to update assets with new components and/or transfer components to other customers.

Components can be removed from the asset resulting in a recalculation of the contract. The component details can be user-defined and updated continuously, and detailed object information can be imported and linked to the contract.

A contract can be built up over a period, with objects being procured at various stages during the contract establishment. In this case, interim rent can be calculated on each object. The interim rent can be charged monthly, or as one single amount at the contract start date. It is also possible to finance the total interim rent as an addendum to the contract.

At the end of the original leasing or rental period, you have the option to automatically extend the period.

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Sandvik – a satisfied customer

Sandvik Credit AB is one of our satisfied customers using our solution for Equipment Leasing. Read the Sandvik story here.

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