Finance Companies

Banqsoft supports both operational and financial leasing with virtually no restrictions to the type of asset to be financed.

Our View 21 platform handles all types of leasing assets from vehicles to equipment, machinery and real estate. Additional services (i.e. insurance, service, fees and ad hoc expenses) are efficiently handled with index adjustment of expenses, budgeting of fees, periodic updates and third party settlements among the features. Both residual value leases and full payout leases are available options.

A single leasing contract may cover leasing of multiple objects with the opportunity to offer different financial terms within the same agreement. Assets or components may be added or removed at any time. The leasing module features a rental option, offering the possibility of automatic extension of the original rental period upon expiry .

Operational and Financial Leasing

  • All types of assets
  • Additional services
  • Residual values
  • Multiple objects

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