Banqsoft_credit card solutions
Banqsoft_credit card solutions

Savings and Current Accounts

An increasing number of banks rely on Banqsoft to run their savings and current account portfolios.


Banqsoft offers solutions that allows you to tailor your savings products to your needs whether it is fixed term with withdrawal restrictions or without restrictions. The interest rate can be fixed, floating and/or linked to an index. The same flexibility applies when it comes to capitalization frequency, amount-based interest rate etc. A saving account can be used as security/pledge for a loan.

We can also provide you with a customer web front component containing secure log-in (BankID), transfer of funds, balance and transaction overview dynamically adapted to the platform of your choice.

Current Accounts

The current account has the same basic features as the savings account, supporting interbank clearing formats with fund transfers, future and recurring payments and e-invoice formats. It can be easily integrated with any internet bank or alternatively a standard internet bank component supplied by Banqsoft. Mobile wallet solutions can be interfaced.

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