Agreement Banqsoft and yA Bank
Agreement Banqsoft and yA Bank

Banking industry

Over the last years we have seen substantial changes in the banking industry, and an increased demand for modern and flexible products and services in order to meet consumer expectations.

Our customers offer new products and technologies and create new possibilities with a high level of automation and digitalization. With our View 21 platform, we offer a platform designed to handle present and future challenges for the banking industry. We have a broad product line comprising of mortgage and consumer loans, deposits, current accounts and cards that can easily be tailored to your specific market requirements.

A combination of reusable components and well-defined web services give you the tools to swiftly make your products available in all channels with agility, flexibility and cost efficiency. The reporting is handled by our built-in reporting framework designed to handle multiple sources, distribution formats and channels. External state-of-the art analytical tools have been integrated to give you all the flexibility needed to optimize your GUI to the different distribution channels and user groups.

When expanding into new geographical markets and/or financial services, Banqsoft’s solutions will give you all the support you need. Do as several of the most successful retail banks; rely on our financial software suite and services.

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