Banqsoft operates with zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery and facilitation payments and is part of the KMD Group Anti-corruption program.


The whistleblower arrangement allows Banqsoft employees and external parties to report on non-compliance with internal policies and applicable laws and regulations.

Reports can be submitted directly to KMD Group’s internal Corporate Compliance Team, to a dedicated external whistleblower lawyer or via the Whistleblower System, a dedicated and separate IT system.

Reports via the whistleblower arrangement can be made in full anonymity by using the Whistleblower System or by requesting anonymity when calling our Corporate Compliance Team or our external whistleblower lawyer.

All reports under the whistleblower arrangement are stored and managed under rules of confidentiality. Banqsoft and KMD Group guarantee that no negative consequences will occur for a party who has reported in good faith.

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